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Author Topic: Why this Forum has Rules  (Read 249 times)

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Why this Forum has Rules
« on: September 14, 2019, 11:56:52 AM »

In my role as a moderator on this forum, things are generally pretty uneventful. In my first week here, I didn't have to edit or delete a single post. The vast majority of CNP members already understand this, but I'm going to spell it out for the handful who don't.

This is not a free speech forum. There are other places you can go if you want unlimited freedom to post anything your heart desires. This is not that place. This is an open public forum with open registration where our ideological opponents are just as able to register and read the content (and post counter-productive content designed to weaken our party) as our members and our ideological allies.

The election is 37 days away. As Travis states here "The Canadian Nationalist Forum is designed to be a place of constructive discussion for advancing the objectives of Canadian Nationalist Party members." I hope that the primary objective of ALL of our members right now is to win in October.

250+ Canadian patriots signed a declaration to get our party off the ground. They are trusting us to not embarrass them, or jeopardize their safety or the safety of their families. What we allow to be posted here reflects on ALL OF US.

The anti-Canadian, Hate Network has declared a fatwa against us. They mean business. I'm not going to make it easier for them to slander us. I'm not going to make it easier for them to intimidate our members into rescinding their signatures or to incite political violence (i.e. terrorism) against our members. I'm not going to make it easier for the globalist demagogues in our media to run hit pieces against us based on what is posted here.

The Overton Window is real. And it doesn't just apply to ideas, but also in some cases to the source of those ideas. I, personally, wish it weren't so. I wish arguments (or comments on the Internet) were judged solely on their merits, rather than on the source of those arguments. But I accept reality and realize that we can't post content from sources outside of the Overton Window. There is an abundance of great ideas and great content from sources that aren't outside of the Overton Window. Please use those.

Thanks for understanding (and thanks to the vast majority of you who already understood this implicitly.)

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