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Author Topic: Those who stand for nothing will fall for anything  (Read 156 times)

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Those who stand for nothing will fall for anything
« on: February 18, 2019, 07:18:39 PM »

The famous quote by Alexander Hamilton "those who stand for nothing will fall for anything" sums up the state of affairs in this nation in a single sentence. We can sit here and blame politicians for being politicians (securing their coveted seat by pandering to the sheepish masses), we can blame the people who are arriving in troves to Canada, we can blame radical Islam, however, ultimately, if we are looking for someone to blame, the only thing each of us Canadians need is a mirror. One of my favorite lines by Al Pacino in the movie Scareface (which is a prime example of why the multiculturalist agenda is extremely dangerous) is "people can only do to you what you let them". Canadians of European stock are generally, completely apathetic towards Canadian culture, Canadian history, the Canadian military, and the posterity of this nation. It is Islams mode of operation to stick its greasy paws wherever its paw is not met with a swift swat upside its snout, and we cannot blame a dog for being a dog. That does not mean we shouldn't throw a dog back to the streets from whence it came from, just because we let incompetent, irresponsible, people do a little house sitting, and they decided it would okay to let the dogs in. Just because in 1972 our excuse for a prime minister's father decided that we would let dogs in and not make them abide by the house rules, does not mean we should let horrible policies like pluralism stand. It's not just Islam, it is every non-european in this country who refuses to assimilate. This is especially dangerous when our demographics are facing attrition while they breed like rabbits on our soil. Eventually, if nothing is done, we will be the minority, and we can already see how much tolerance they have for our culture while not even holding a majority position of power. If you think things are bad right now, just imagine how bad things will be in 25 more years.

I think it is imperative that we make our voices heard. I refuse to hide and I will proudly and publicly engage in political debate, promoting Nationalism for Canada, and all of our brother and sister nations of the West. I do not want to have or raise sons and daughters in a society where their colour of skin and refusal to use genderless pronouns makes them a villian. I cannot stand the thought of my future son having a radical-feminist, Islamic (these walking oxymorons are actually quite common) woman of colour define to him what being a Canadian is. We live in a society where the leftist school teacher tells little white male children that fighting to be first in line and fiercely advocating for themselves is 'toxic masculinity', while the black and Muslim children are taught to be fierce self advocates by teachers of their own stock, in their homogeneous ethnic enclaves on our soil. The indoctrination of our nations children is the beginning of the end if we do not take a stand. My ancestors Alexander Douglas Logan, who was one of the first Mayors of Winnipeg, who worked tirelessly to ensure the Trans Canada railway built a stop in his local, did not work to establish the foundations of this country, so outsiders could buy their way in and define what being a Canadian means to real Canadians, and neither did your forefathers and mothers.

This is Canada, a land for Canadians. As I true Canadian, I hereby pledge every ounce of my blood, sweat, and tears towards ensuring posterity in Canada for Canadians. The city of Toronto and the surrounding cities, where I reside, is the epicenter of this filth that is decaying our once glorious nation. I may be highly outnumbered in my city Toronto, but I promise each and every one of you to make my voice heard in the face of adversity, no matter the cost or how large my opponents are in number. Nationalism is sweeping through the west like wildfire, starting in Hungry, than Poland, and now Germany, England, and France have even turned embers into roaring flames of patriotism. I believe Canada's time will come soon, but only if we nurture these embers carefully, and do not waver in the face of a storm. I hope I can help in every way possible to ignite the flames with my nationalist brothers and sisters.
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Re: Those who stand for nothing will fall for anything
« Reply #1 on: February 24, 2019, 02:03:53 PM »

Well said, thank you. I think we suffer from complacency and hubris. Certainly all my wife's friends are completely oblivious to what's going on and so are my own motorcycle buddies. Even terrorist incidents don't seem to phase them. The very fact of being Nationalists my help. The hat, especially. 

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